Reflection: Modeling Text Structure: Problem/Solution Part 1 - Section 1: Warm Up


I've used Tween Tribune for several years, and have approached commenting in different ways.  I've just let students go public with the rules and corrected as we went.  I've also given students examples to demonstrate what is good or bad ahead of time and outside of Tween Tribune.

It seems that there is no perfect way to do this.  My students have never commented inappropriately; however, I always have students who comment in ways that do not demonstrate the competency I'm looking for.  I teach my students that when you are online your words speak for you completely, so if your sentences make no sense, you spell incorrectly, or your comments are not on topic, you are not presenting yourself well.

To remedy this, when I do allow students to start commenting, I do not approve their comments until they are "correct".  After their fist day of commenting, I put  their comments up on the SMART board and discuss why some where approved and others were not.  Students can see in their account if their comments were approved or not.  They can also revise.

Although it is a time consuming process for a few days, once they see that I will not put their comments through unless they put forth their best effort, and that others are getting comments from other students from around the world, they quickly want to shape up.


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  Modeling: Tween Tribune Commenting
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Text Structure: Problem/Solution Part 1

Unit 6: Informational Text - Persevering through the Adversity of our World Part 1
Lesson 11 of 16

Objective: SWBAT recognize problem/solution order and the purpose behind its use.

Big Idea: We've all got problems, but this structure requires solutions.

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