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The group brainstorming was really good and I kept discussing how in the real world we have laws that politicians make for us and laws we vote on during elections.  We are all capable of holding each other accountable for abiding by laws (example asking my neighbor to tie up angry dog chasing my kids on my property) however the authorities have more power than us to enforce consequences for breaking laws.  In the classroom we have school rules developed by administration and our rules (expectations) we are making for ourselves.  Each student is capable of enforcing the rules but when a partner refused to listen to peer correction, I am the authority that steps in with more consequences – but I would rather not have to get involved.  This is how discussed building a we culture and what we are going to do together this year instead of an I culture and what I will make them do this year.

  Accountability: Our Class Constitution
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Creating Student Accounts

Unit 1: First Days of School
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Objective: SWBAT join my class period virtually every night using

Big Idea: How connected are your students outside of the classroom? What if you could get students talking about math from home using technology?

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