Reflection: Complex Tasks Notable Notes 1: Collaboratively Asking and Answering Questions Explicitly from the Text - Section 4: Demonstrate Skills


One of the key shifts in implementing the ELA CCSS is that students conversations that are evidence-based about the text.  In this lesson, when students are working together to answer their assigned question stem and reading closely to refer to the text as evidence, this is one way we can incorporate that shift into our lesson planning.  As a teacher, I feel good to know that my students didn't just read a book and move on, but instead, they're digging into the text and really learning how to learn what's important and what's not, and all the while, having conversations with the peers in the process!  

  Reflection: Shifts in ELA CCSS
  Complex Tasks: Reflection: Shifts in ELA CCSS
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Notable Notes 1: Collaboratively Asking and Answering Questions Explicitly from the Text

Unit 5: Biography Unit
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT collaborate with others to formulate questions and answers referring explicitly to the text to demonstrate understanding after reading closely.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students will review what they’ve read already about the notable person Booker T. Washington and work collaboratively to create questions and answers based on their close reading.

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English / Language Arts, Booker T. Washington, biography (Nonfiction Lit), close reading, biographical text, asking and answering questions
  45 minutes
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