Reflection: High Quality Task Which Will You Choose? - Section 1: Student Choice Day


I have been using choice boards for a while now to address different learning styles and learning levels.  Choice boards are easily adapted for any subject, any book, any modality and any learning level.  I find that the students respond positively to them and this one was no different.  

One thing I did do differently this time was to include the websites where I wanted them to find the information- the memorial sites in particular.  I don't need students wandering the Internet to find information.  That's not what I'm assessing.  I found that by giving them the websites to visit, I got higher quality work because there wasn't the off task behavior in looking up other things (Mine Craft, etc.).  This year I also didn't allot as much time as usual so giving students the websites solved that problem too.

Choice boards are something I will continue to do while giving the websites to students as appropriate.

  Reflection: Using Choice Boards
  High Quality Task: Reflection: Using Choice Boards
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Which Will You Choose?

Unit 6: September 11th - We Can't Forget - They Don't Remember
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT complete independent activities from a choice board.

Big Idea: Independent work and self monitoring is an important skill to develop.

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English / Language Arts, September 11, choice board
  60 minutes
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