Reflection: Student Grouping Planning for Presentations - Section 2: Active Engagement


For student grouping I usually put students into groups depending on their abilities. I have placed students with writing partners in order for one partner to learn a writing skill they are lacking from another. I have placed students into group before based on reading level in order for all students to read the same text at their level. For this activity students were given the opportunity to be in a group with whom they chose to work with.

This can be problematic if a student does not have a friend in the class or is shy to ask someone. When this happened with two students I asked them if they wanted to work together and set them up into a group. Two other students preferred to work by themselves. I allowed them to do this for this particular activity.

Group work is so important for students to learn how to work with each other in order to be prepared for college and career choices. I always have to remember to be strategic about grouping students, but also giving them opportunities to chose their own groups or work by themselves which is also preparation for the future.  

  Reflection on Partner Work
  Student Grouping: Reflection on Partner Work
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Planning for Presentations

Unit 6: Presentations of Text Structure Project
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT will plan for their presentation by using a logical sequence of text structures in order to convey important central ideas.

Big Idea: Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning. Winston Churchill

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