Reflection: Pacing Make a Decision and Tell me About it (Day 2 of 15) - Section 2: Setting a Purpose


Depending on how well your students do and how much time you have, this lesson easily could be combined with day one of the unit. Although there are several steps involved, students could brainstorm ideas and choose a final topic in one day. I chose to divide the process into two days so that I would have extra time, if needed, to support students who struggled to make decisions. This is the first big research project of the year and I want to make sure students are comfortable with their decisions each step of the way for two reasons. First, they can’t change their minds about their topics once we begin research. There simply isn’t time. So once you choose it, you’re stuck with it! Second, each step of our process lays a foundation for the step to come. If they don’t complete one step well, it will impact all choices along the way. So while these lessons seem “light,” this is intentional in order for my students to be successful. However, your classroom schedule and groups of students may be completely different from mine. Feel free to adapt and change this and any other lesson to best support your students!


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Make a Decision and Tell me About it (Day 2 of 15)

Unit 7: Informational Writing Project
Lesson 2 of 15

Objective: SWBAT choose a topic from their list of non-fiction writing ideas and list all they know about it.

Big Idea: This is day two in the process of writing an informational text. Students will select their final topic and write all they know - much like completing the "K" column of their own personal KWL chart.

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