Reflection: Student Ownership A Storm of Ideas (Day 1 of 15) - Section 5: Independent Practice


While I think students should have total control in choosing their topics, I would recommend limiting one category and that is famous people. Several students wanted to their favorite musical groups or singers. I was afraid that there wouldn’t be enough authentic research materials, i.e. books and websites other than Wikipedia, available for such topics. Even limiting people to those who were at least 50 years old was problematic. One student chose Michael Jackson and I thought there would be plenty of information available for him to use. However, most of it ended up being inappropriate for children, both in content and reading level. Were I to do it again, I would limit this category even more and only allow students to choose people who were historical figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr. or George Washington.


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A Storm of Ideas (Day 1 of 15)

Unit 7: Informational Writing Project
Lesson 1 of 15

Objective: SWBAT brainstorm a list of ideas for their nonfiction informational writing projects.

Big Idea: Today is the first step in writing an informational text on the topic of students' choice. Students will brainstorm ideas that will be possible final topics.

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