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I think it is important to continue to provide students with opportunities to write creatively.  It has been my experience that they rarely, if ever, shy away from the challenge, and genuinely seem to enjoy the release that creative writing can offer.

This assignment, however, involves a certain level of complexity from eighth graders, especially if they have chosen to write a sonnet.  While I deliberately gave my students the choice between writing an ode (knowing this was the easier of the two) and writing a sonnet, many readily accepted the challenge of the sonnet.

I have taught sonnet writing for years to my high school creative writing students, and usually spend about two weeks on it, reinforcing the the form, particularly the meter.  My eighth graders received essentially 45 minutes of instruction and were still able to produce truly respectable final pieces.

So what is the moral of this story?  Keep the bar high, and they will rise to it.  

  Letting Students Try It On
  Complex Tasks: Letting Students Try It On
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Poetry Reading

Unit 5: Bad Boy Part I
Lesson 12 of 12

Objective: Using their original sonnets or odes, SWBAT perform oral readings in the spirit of a poetry reading.

Big Idea: That was groovy, man: Students have fun performing their own poetry.

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