Reflection: Shared Expectations Literacy & Power with Malcolm X (Day 2 of 2) - Section 5: Closing


Student responses to the essay are extremely interesting to watch unfold in discussion, which is one of the really awesome opportunities that the Common Core Standards' focus on speaking and listening skills allows to happen more frequently in the classroom.  Some students will vehemently argue that his words and beliefs reflect a point of view that is narrow-minded or too strongly worded.  Others will cite the extra information provided about Malcolm X from the videos and their own research while reading to show that his viewpoints were contextually appropriate and ultimately changed by his death.  In all cases, however, students will use textual evidence (or evidence from the supplemental multimedia sources) to support their viewpoints, so it's really a win-win situation.  Calling for evidence to support opinions really helps to build an open space where students can express themselves and safely contribute ideas to the group, even if they are not widely shared.  The focus on providing evidence to support an analysis helps students to steer away from arguing with classmates or classmates being "wrong," and it instead makes them focus on arguing with the validity of the text using other statements from it, making discussions about potentially volatile subject matter more scholarly and less emotional.  This was an epic win today!

  Collaborative Learning through Discussion with the CCSS
  Shared Expectations: Collaborative Learning through Discussion with the CCSS
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Literacy & Power with Malcolm X (Day 2 of 2)

Unit 1: Early American Voices & Developing Reading Habits
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT construct evidence-based inferences and collaboratively analyze an excerpt from Malcolm X's autobiography in order to stimulate discussion about the role of literacy in Malcolm X's life and the role of literacy in their own lives.

Big Idea: Tackle teaching productive group dynamics, close-reading of Malcolm X's autobiography, and the value of literacy all in one day!

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