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The assumption that students will naturally be inclined to use repeated subtraction presupposes a fluency with subtraction facts that is not a reality that I have experienced in the classroom.  Certainly, those students who have memorized their basic facts and are truly fluent will indeed see the logical blend of subtraction and division. 

For the remaining students, approaching division through the familiarity of repeated addition and decomposing numbers in order to multiply them will be familiar ground that will lead to fluency later on. 

This division lesson, using addition and multiplication instead of subtraction, is safe ground for students who are feeling overwhelmed by this concept, and will provide a jumping off point for students who are ready for more.  Without ever using the standard algorithm, students who can apply this familiar strategy taught in Open Number Line - Decomposing Factors can tackle two-digit divisors!

  Repeated Addition for Division?!
  Unit Planning: Repeated Addition for Division?!
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Soaring Skyscrapers: a Division Lesson

Unit 5: Division in Context
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT use a model to determine the height of a given number of floors in a skyscraper of a particular height.

Big Idea: Repeated addition can be used to solve a division problem.

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Math, Critical Area, division, Real World Math, skyscrapers
  66 minutes
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