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I am really excited about the shift in Common Core where we get to focus more on informational texts.  I know that most of my class loves reading nonfiction books.  I was one of those kids, though, that didn't like reading nonfiction when I was young.  Looking back on my experience now, I think I didn't like reading nonfiction because I couldn't navigate around the text features well. I ignored text features altogether.  I vividly remember first learning about nonfiction text features in the 3rd grade.  I remember getting this comprehension worksheet and not being able to find the answer to several questions anywhere.  When we checked the worksheet as a class I was surprised to find out that the answers to the questions were in the labels and captions.  Boy did I feel like an idiot. Somehow, my first and second grade teachers hadn't taught me about text features.  I had great teachers but I was in first grade a LONG TIME AGO.  I was taught in the "phonics age" and I remember doing lots of phonics workbook pages in first grade.  The emphasis wasn't on reading strategies and learning about the features in fiction and nonfiction, and I share my past experiences with my students.  They feel like such big kids when I tell them that I am teaching them something that I didn't learn until I was in the third grade.  I am happy that I can teach my students explicitly about text features and what the purpose is for using them.  This makes me feel like I am giving them a better preparation for future years.

  Shifts In the Common Core Standards
  Adjustments to Practice: Shifts In the Common Core Standards
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Learning About Labels

Unit 15: Nonfiction Text Features
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Objective: SWBAT apply their knowledge about the text feature of labels to label their own pictures using text evidence.

Big Idea: Don't ignore the pictures and labels when you read nonfiction. Use them to help you understand the story better!

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