Reflection: Student Ownership Holiday Seasons & Winter Holidays: Developing Cultural Literacy Through Analysis & Discussion - Section 3: Holiday Traditions: A Class Discussion


Students were more passive regarding their Christmas, Hanukkah, and similar celebrations than they were during our discussion of Thanksgiving. I feel that may have been the combination of coming off a quiz and the anticipation of two weeks off. However, they shared their celebrations, their travel plans, and their dinner traditions, In most of the classes, the majority of the students are white/Caucasian, and of an upper-middle class background; there was not much diversity in the celebrations, but each student who contributed did provide a celebration that is uniquely their own, from what they have for dinner to who gets to open presents first.


Overall, this conversation served to build community in the classroom, and give students a chance to take ownership of the class as whole, not only the material. The discussion skills they practiced certainly will serve them well when they interact with family over their vacation. 

  Thoughts on the Holidays
  Student Ownership: Thoughts on the Holidays
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Holiday Seasons & Winter Holidays: Developing Cultural Literacy Through Analysis & Discussion

Unit 18: Cultural Literacy: Holiday Insights and American Traditions
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate understanding of the meaning of words as used in the text via an in-class vocabulary quiz. SWBAT respond thoughtfully and make new connections to winter holidays by participating in discussion of their family traditions and others.

Big Idea: The gretting, "Happy Holidays" can include many different days; what does it mean to my students when they hear it?

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