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While I seek alternative assessments of student understanding, such as the literature circle assignments and the board game project, ultimately, my students are trained from a young age, "The test is what matters." As such, I include traditional formal assessments such as this one. In writing this test, I used the vocabulary in context, so that students would not only need to know what the terms mean, but also how to use them, and have an understanding of what happened in the novel. At only fifteen questions, students were able to complete this quiz quickly, and we moved on to a look at holiday traditions. Results were positive, although overall students did well on the questions that read as more "recall" of definition or story (such as the multiple choice) than application of the meaning to understand the story, or vice-versa (such as the "fill-in-the-blanks/matching"). We will need to practice this for the upcoming final exam, as the majority of my final is application, not recall. 

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Holiday Seasons & Winter Holidays: Developing Cultural Literacy Through Analysis & Discussion

Unit 18: Cultural Literacy: Holiday Insights and American Traditions
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate understanding of the meaning of words as used in the text via an in-class vocabulary quiz. SWBAT respond thoughtfully and make new connections to winter holidays by participating in discussion of their family traditions and others.

Big Idea: The gretting, "Happy Holidays" can include many different days; what does it mean to my students when they hear it?

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