Reflection: Reading "Seventh Grade" and Reviewing Vocabulary - Section 3: Competitive Flashcard Game


I did this activity to provide my inclusion classes with more practice time to learn the vocabulary words.  Yes, we did the definition shrinking activity.  Yes, they made vocabulary tabs.  Yes, they drew pictures and wrote examples of what the word is and isn't.  For some students, however, it isn't enough.  Some students didn't actually finish their tabs (yet).  Some students were absent.  Some students weren't actually paying attention.  Some students have memory disabilities.  This activity allows students to practice four times.  The practice is perfect.  They are using manipulative.

The best part of this lesson, however? It got all kids participating. K is a reluctant learner.  A very reluctant learner. During the vocabulary shrinking, he needed a teacher right there to remind him what he should be doing.  He hasn't finished his tabs. . .yet. He didn't want to participate in this activity, however, learning isn't an option.  I made him take his turn.  He got a few cards wrong and fixed them.  He refused to give cards to the next student, claiming that he didn't get his turn yet.  He continued to claim that he hadn't yet taken his turn.  His group finished third, and even after they were done, took a second turn.  He only missed one question on the text.  That is success.  No, it can't be measured using standardized data.  But it is the best kind of success.

  A Reluctant Participator
  A Reluctant Participator
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Reading "Seventh Grade" and Reviewing Vocabulary

Unit 2: Analyzing Literature with Gary Soto’s Seventh Grade
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to analyze "Seventh Grade" by rereading, responding in writing, and playing a vocabulary game.

Big Idea: Perfect vocabulary practice makes for perfect vocabulary knowledge and actively reading makes for active comprehension with hands-on participation.

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