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My biggest concern with this particular problem was the student's ability to represent the situation algebraically as a system of equations.  This was actually no problem for most of the students.  Unfortunately, due to time constraints and lack of resources, we were unable to have the students graph the system using dynamic software (such as or geogebra).  However, even without graphing the system of equations, the students did well with finding the values in each of the changing scenarios.  You can also see from the attached work that students were able to make sense out of changing the level of accuracy to which the measurements were made and how that would effect the possible number of coins.  

  Problem-based Approaches: Investigation Reflection
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Penny Problem

Unit 3: Systems of Equations
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to solve a real life system of equations and present the solution graphically and algebraically. Students will also determine how the precision of measurements can effect the solutions to a system of equations.

Big Idea: This lesson is great on a variety of levels. First, students are solving a real-life problem that requires them to grapple with "unfriendly" numbers. Second, students are challenged to think about accuracy in measurement through the lens of systems of eq

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Math, Algebra, systems of equations, precision, accuracy, Constraint, 9th grade
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