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Total shocker! I was amazed by how quickly the students picked up this style of writing.  They were quickly motivated to write because how much they enjoyed this novel and these characters.  

Using the brainstorming to help us get started was essential! The students are still learning the writing process and often skip over the brainstorming step and want to get right to the writing.  Today, I required all students to complete the brainstorming because I wanted them to see the benefits of this step.  All students were able to complete this step without any problems.  Again, this is due to their response to the novel.  

The brainstorming was effective, helping the students who dislike writing.  It gave them a basis for writing and a good jumping off point.  


One thing I would do differently in the future, is provide some students with a guided graphic organizer for this piece.  For the students who have never really been exposed to formal writing, this was a difficult task to do on their own.  I ended up providing a lot of support that I feel a graphic organizer could provide.  

  Argumentative Writing
  Complex Tasks: Argumentative Writing
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Prove it!

Unit 4: Unit 2: Part II Elements of Fiction
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT write an analytical piece demonstrating a change one of the characters goes through in the novel Seedfolks.

Big Idea: Students work with complex text and concepts to argue a change within a character.

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