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This task turned out to be a lot more difficult than I had anticipated! The students needed a lot more prompting than I had hoped.  It was a task that required them to not only recall what they have already learned, but it asked them apply and create-two very higher level tasks and different from what they are routinely used to doing.  

The students complained a lot in the beginning that they didn't know how to rewrite it because all of the words they were going to say had already been used in the example I gave.  Of course, this made me chuckle, because I had STOLEN all of their words.  I was able to provide some relief when I did a couple examples with them and modeled how I would write in my own words.  

As more and more students began taking risks and expressed how they were getting it, others followed along.  

In the future, I will begin by providing more examples, maybe even with generic vocabulary words, then move into the content.  I think they just needed more modeling.  

I still believe it is an important skill and the students should be pushed to struggle through it.  

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Tying it All Together

Unit 4: Unit 2: Part II Elements of Fiction
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT to demonstrate their understanding of figurative language using a variety of means.

Big Idea: Students process all the figurative language working with the definitions, text, and passages to explain meaning.

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