Reflection: Students with Disabilities Analyzing Character’s Influence on Theme in Night, Chapters 1-6 - Section 3: Closure


In a class of 27ish students, it is difficult to answer every question/concern.  I often ask students to ask me a question when they turn in their assignment for multiple reasons.  Questions forces students to think. It is a great way for them to not just end class, but end it in a thought provoking manner.  Some students are too shy or intimidated to ask a question in class and this way I can respond to their question either on their page, or, if it's a common question, I can address it with the class. I've discovered that this is especially beneficial for differentiating instruction.  I will often use the questions students ask to group the students during the next class period.   I don't want students to simply show up and go through the motions of class.  I want them to feel like I'm approachable and willing to help.  I want class to be an active learning environment and questioning is a great way to do that. 

  Questioning helps us all!
  Students with Disabilities: Questioning helps us all!
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Analyzing Character’s Influence on Theme in Night, Chapters 1-6

Unit 6: What It Means to be Human
Lesson 14 of 15

Objective: SWBAT explain how a character advances a theme by completing a character analysis chart and presenting those charts to their peers.

Big Idea: Is a character influenced by theme, or is theme influenced by character?

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