Reflection: Advanced Students Analyzing Language in "Where I'm From" - Section 2: The Author's Use of Language in "Where I'm From"


"At this point, I asked the students to write another paragraph, labeled "Craft and Structure."  This paragraph was written during the last six minutes of class.  Some students didn't finish their paragraph, so I told them they could take their paragraphs home to finish.  Tomorrow we'll start out with reading those paragraphs aloud as an anticipatory set."


Uh uh.  Easy right?  No so much when you consider that I'll do this with all my classes--honors, co-taught and 'regular'.  My advanced students can take this home and complete with little trouble. Some students in my co-taught classes can also do that.  Some of my students with learning disabilities can't and won't.  That means that I have to spend additional time with modeling for those classes.  I have to provide immediate feedback to those  students so we can catch mistakes and fix them as they're working, rather than creating a situation where they perfectly practice something wrong.  


That means that this activity, this paragraph writing activity, took two days to complete with my co-taught classes.  The paragraph was to be due on the third day (and students did take their paragraphs home to work on).  That third day  of was the last day before winter break and we had a snow day that day.  This means that when we return, we'll have to take two steps back to finish this last step.  It seems that teaching is always one step forward, two steps back, and then we all fall down because we need a nap.


However, it is possible to do the same rigorous assignment in all classes.  It takes time, patience, and modeling, but it is possible.


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Analyzing Language in "Where I'm From"

Unit 7: Analyzing and Crafting Original Poems with George Ella Lyon’s “Where I’m From”
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to analyze an author's use of figurative language by annotating language and discussing the impact of connotations on the mood.

Big Idea: How does the author use language to show where they're from to someone who's never been there?

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