Reflection: Student Grouping Firestorm: A Close Read - Section 1: From the Frying Pan.....1st Read


In a cold read with a difficult text such as this, it is important to pair with care when allowing students to read together.  You don't want your highest reader paired with your lowest reader.  Likewise, you don't want your lowest readers together.  It is tricky to get this right when a.) you want your students to feel safe with their partner to encourage risk taking and b.) you want them the freedom to choose their partners.  

For me, as I always believe in being straight and honest with my kiddos, I simply tell them to find someone to read with who's reading level matches their ow- they know.  If you haven't established that type of culture in your class, just have a list of students in your mind to watch out for and see where they go.  If a high high reader ends up with a low low reader, you could sit with that pair to make sure that the high readers doesn't become frustrated with the lower reader and take over the reading.

  Reflection: Pair with Care
  Student Grouping: Reflection: Pair with Care
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Firestorm: A Close Read

Unit 3: Firestorm!
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT read and comprehend a text.

Big Idea: The ability to independently read and comprehend text is essential in the real world.

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Social Studies, English / Language Arts, Writing Process, close read, text dependent questions, firestorm, Jean Craighead George, writing
  65 minutes
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