Reflection: Flexibility Writing a Metaphysical Conceit - Section 3: Free-Writing


Not all students are going to have the same writing process or approach to writing as the process I introduce in my classroom.  I remember that when I am teaching them a writing approach, that's all it is, an approach.  I believe it's important  to present the approach to students and the rationale behind it, but then give them the flexibility and independence to decide how they are going to write. 

For example, I had a student who sat quietly taking notes as I explained the different steps, but when I asked students to try them, she would write in a different part of her notebook.  She told me later that she writes poetry on her own, and she like the way she writes.  I asked her if any of the ideas I presented in class were helpful, and she said they were interesting, but that she didn't want to try them for this assignment. 

I asked her to consider trying the approach I presented in class, but unless her writing doesn't meet the assignment I'm not going to worry about the approach she takes.

  Students Writing in Class
  Flexibility: Students Writing in Class
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Writing a Metaphysical Conceit

Unit 1: Metaphysical Poets
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use the steps of unpacking a metaphysical conceit to create their own

Big Idea: Writing poetry and creating figurative language become easier if students are able to understand the components through literary analysis.

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