Reflection: Continuous Assessment Rainbow Main Idea and Supporting Details - Part 2 - Section 2: Independent Practice


As students worked, I continuously monitored them. I knew to watch for confusion about paragraphs. Some passages had paragraphs that were indented, some did not. It helped to take the time to teach the difference between the two at the beginning of the lesson. I knew that paragraphs that continued on another page would be tricky. I had to remind them to look for the indentation (in paragraphs were indented) or a new heading (if they were not indented). Having them number the paragraphs not only kept them on track of which one the questions was asking about, but gave me a visual on whether or not they counted them correctly. The wrong number was my cue to remind them to look for those clues of indents or headings.

When it comes to assessments, looking at the wrong paragraph can demolish a score. It may not be that students are not able to identify the main idea and supporting details or other reading skills, it just may be they were looking at the wrong section of the text. I assume that they DON’T know such obvious things and assume I have to teach the little things. After all, they've only been in school for four years (if they attended Kinder).


  Continuous Assessment: No Assumptions
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Rainbow Main Idea and Supporting Details - Part 2

Unit 10: Reading Informational Text
Lesson 13 of 15

Objective: SWBAT determine the main idea of a text by highlighting supporting details.

Big Idea: Students work cooperatively to help their team by playing a game of Roll 'Em!

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