Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines What fairytales do we prefer? - Section 4: Writing Time


In asking my students to choose and write about their favorite fairytale, I wanted to end the week by giving them more practice with citing evidence. This is a major shift with the CCSS. Also, I wanted them to continue writing about what they were reading. This is another major shift and new to my students. Students need to write on a routine basis. Furthermore, my students benefit greatly from rereading - it aids their comprehension, expands their vocabulary and deepens their knowledge of fairytales. I feel I met this goal.

In asking them to write about their favorite fairy tale they got good practice with using transitional words such as GoodLinkingWords. Also, it gave my students the opportunity to cite reasons to support their opinion. Again, this is our transition into the CCSS and my students benefit from all these practice. Yes, there were students who Didn'tMeetTask; yet, with time and practice, they will.

Now I am thinking ask my student a more rigorous question regarding the fairy tales.

Instead of asking: What is your favorite fairy tale and why, I could ask, what is the purpose of fairytales? Why were they written? Why are there good and bad characters? Which fairytale has the scariest villain and why?

One student did write about liking the Adventure in the Fairytale. This student is capturing an important element in why fairytales have stood the test of time - the adventure calls to many of us.

In doing this topic again, I would spend more time reading and discussing fairytales. I would have my students talk time with each other about what they are reading. I would spend more time analyzing the characters.

  Writing Across the Disciplines: Which Fairytale Did They Like?
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What fairytales do we prefer?

Unit 16: Fairytales
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT will write an opinion and supply reasons to support it.

Big Idea: What is it about certain fairytales that capture our hearts and minds? Why do we keep rereading them?

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