Reflection: Backwards Planning How Can You Make a Difference? - Section 2: Guiding the Learning


I have some struggling students in my class this year who can respond better in writing after they share their thinking aloud and have others do the same. Knowing that my objective with this unit was to have all students produce a persuasive written piece I knew that I had to support these students learning to get good results. Two are "quick thinkers" who do not spend enough time thinking through their thoughts before they blurt out answers, three are struggling students who have difficulty processing their thinking without my or others help and two are lower ELL who are still establishing a grasp of the English language. To assist them with their community service idea formation and the planning of their idea on paper I paired them with helpful, leaders in class who could talk through their thinking and help them devise their plans. This also freed me up some time to circulate through the class to help others before I came back to concentrate on them.      

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  Backwards Planning: Auditory Benefits
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How Can You Make a Difference?

Unit 17: People Who Changed Our World
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: SWBAT...construct a plan for a community service project by researching and outlining their ideas on a graphic organizer.

Big Idea: Each of us can help make our world a better place. We can share ideas to build ideas.

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