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Overall, students did not do very well on this assessment. There are many factors that may account for this. First of all, I noticed that students who took the time to use the strategies taught in class did well. Also, two of the passages were longer than the ones we have been working with in class. This let me know that students need to build their stamina and take the time to use the strategies on assessments. Therefore, I need to give students longer passages to help build that stamina in a testing environment. Those are the type of passages they will encounter in later grades, on the state year-end assessment, and in life in general. I will reteach and begin preparing them for longer text. Lastly, it probably didn't help that I gave the assessment on the last day before Christmas break. The question throughout the day was when we were going to have the class party, so that was at the forefront of their minds. Timing is everything.

On a different note, main idea and supporting details is a struggle for students in my state overall. Most students score below average according to the state assessment. My students do well because it is a skill that I revisit throughout the year. It isn't an easy concept for 8-year-olds who have been reading narratives much of their school career. The scores do not disappoint or shock me. I knew where they would be, but still needed to assess for analysis purposes. I will panic if the scores are the same in early spring. By then, students will have matured and had more experience with informational text.


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Main Idea and Supporting Details Assessment

Unit 10: Reading Informational Text
Lesson 3 of 15

Objective: SWBAT determine the main idea and identify supporting details of a text.

Big Idea: Students are assessed on mastery of the concept of main idea and supporting details.

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