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As I graded the product reviews, I found that my students put a lot of thought and effort into writing the paragraphs.  I wish I hadn't waited until Christmas break to grade them!!  I sit here wondering if Amazon would mind if we REALLY posted them.  I don't know if our Internet permission slips covers posting online.  I don't know if I've waited too long for the kiddos to retain their excitement for their reviews.  All of these thoughts wander through my head and I think this is yet again something to file away for next year- to answer all of these AND to have my students put their two cents out into the world.  THAT would be really real life!!!

  Reflection: Really Real World???
  Real World Applications: Reflection: Really Real World???
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Convince Me: Write a Product Review

Unit 18: Read It and Rate It: A Real Life Look at Persuasive Writing
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT produce a persuasive paragraph in the form of a product review similar to those seen on Internet websites.

Big Idea: Being able to effectively convey one's opinion in a manner suitable to persuade others is an important skill to possess.

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English / Language Arts, Persuasive Writing, Writing, opinion, Writing an Opinion
  65 minutes
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