Reflection: Accountability Independent Work With a Substitute - Section 2: Instructions For The Day


When planning this lesson, I felt that it was more than possible to read and annotate the remaining four pages I assigned of Ceremony and to draft one paragraph. The first task was easily achievable and most students were able to turn in their packet by the end of the period. The other task was a different story. Students made an attempt to turn something in, but it did not qualify as an analytical paragraph. What students mainly did is summarize important details about Tayo. I cannot attribute this to a lack of effort. The work they turned in is actually very representative of what they do when the task is too challenging, which is to default to summary. In this sample paragraph about Tayo, this student begins with a statement about the fact that we meet Tayo after he has come back from the war and suffers from PTSD. The student makes one attempt at analyzing what Silko was doing, claiming that Silko “describes Tayo in a very dramatic and sad way.” However, this student did not seem to be able to elaborate on that or make other claims and resorted to summary during the rest of the paragraph. They need more guidance as they complete this assignment. I will be addressing this in the next lesson.  

  Accountability: What Students Accomplished With A Sub
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Independent Work With a Substitute

Unit 4: Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT apply a writing process by work independently on a short written assignment.

Big Idea: A day with a substitute teacher is an opportunity to see what students can do on their own.

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