Reflection: Intervention and Extension Volume - Building and Measuring - Section 2: Exploring Volume with Base Ten Blocks


Many times there are students who need some encouragement to get started.  I have found I can do a number of things to help out.  I can make eye contact or walk over near the student and they will get started.  I can also ask another student to help.  But this is only if they have understood what the instructions are.  During this lesson I had two students who were having difficulty getting going and I had already tried the strategies I  mentioned.Sometimes it is the teacher who the students need to work with.  I decided to sit with one student and help them and then to send this student to help the other. 

  Intervention and Extension: Building Success
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Volume - Building and Measuring

Unit 3: Geometry
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: Students will be able to build and measure volume by counting unit cubes.

Big Idea: Volume - Build it , Measure it!

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