Reflection: Checks for Understanding Understanding of Main Events and Complex Characters in Richard Wright's Black Boy - Section 4: Wrap Up


Looking for Irony

The question about irony was difficult to answer for some of my students and others got it as indicated in the attached student sample.  For those who had difficulty seeing the irony I feel have a tendency to see things to literally.  Some of my students (and people for that matter) are quite literal...and anything remotely abstract escapes them.  Some students responded with the statement "the mother needed to punish him so he wouldn't do it again"  failing to see the irony in the extreme nature of the punishment after exclaiming her love and concern  for her son.  My hope is with more practice in reading and finding examples of how an author uses irony,  that those "literal" students will begin to understand its use.

  Irony Question
  Checks for Understanding: Irony Question
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Understanding of Main Events and Complex Characters in Richard Wright's Black Boy

Unit 6: Non Fiction: Black Boy
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of Black Boy's main events and characters by annotating the text and using a story map.

Big Idea: How does Richard Wright bring the reader into his life's struggles as a young boy?

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