Reflection: Gradual Release In Eye of The Beholder - Section 3: Independent Practice


I was a bit nervous letting the students go and attempting this activity on their own.  Anytime there is independent work it can be a struggle to encourage the students to not give up.  I am finding myself prompting more than I should and walking the room, reteaching, and reviewing.  However, I really worked and pushed them today to persevere through the text.  I wanted them to work to build their thoughts and really interact and work with the text. 

Overall, the stories worked out very well and the students were able to see the impact point of view has on a story.  They made great connections to other stories and even had a little fun thinking of the possibility of some of their favorite tales had been told in another point of view.  How would it be different? 

  Independent Reflection
  Gradual Release: Independent Reflection
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In Eye of The Beholder

Unit 1: Literary Analysis: Recipe for Fiction
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to analyze a multiple texts to determine point of view.

Big Idea: Students are able to gain a perspective on how authors develop point of view!

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