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I don't care how many years you have been teaching.  We are human and mistakes happen.  I designed the assessment for this unit to coincide exactly the way I taught my students. I definitely do not want to test for oranges if I taught using apples, so I do try to be extremely careful in my assessment design and catch all errors, but mistakes happen.

I created a typo on my test and during their vocabulary assessment I wrote on 

14. 6 is ______________ 7 and 8.

Well I don't think 6 will ever be "between" 7 and 8, so when I came to this part of the test and discovered my error I told my students they earned a freebie and could mark number fourteen out.  This happens even on well edited published material from major companies.  This benefits you greatly because, yes, I uploaded the corrected test, enjoy!

  Mistakes happen
  Unit Exams: Mistakes happen
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Ordering Numbers: Unit Review and Test

Unit 1: Ordering Numbers
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT share their knowledge through the assessment provided.

Big Idea: Assessments at this age are necessary for our little ones to learn to attend to precision and for us to determine what needs to be reviewed or retaught.

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