Reflection: Complex Tasks Discussing Ceremony In A More Structured Manner - Section 4: Small Group Discussions


The structure I gave them was effective in guiding small group discussions and their thinking. The student sample included in the Intro part of this lesson is representative of what came out of this part of the lesson. This student was able to identify the specific part of the narrative she found confusing. It had to do with figurative language, Tayo saying he is invisible and it had to do with the variety of settings intertwined in the narrative. The post-discussion, written reflection reveals a certain level of clarification. This student is still not perfectly clear on what is going on in the narrative but there is a real attempt at keeping the settings and events in order. Whereas at first, the student was very confused about how Tayo ended up in LA, she no longer is at the end of the small group discussion.    

  Small Group Discussions
  Complex Tasks: Small Group Discussions
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Discussing Ceremony In A More Structured Manner

Unit 4: Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: SWBAT collaborate to determine what the text says by following a process of formulating questions, hypothesizing answers, and verifying answers through discussion.

Big Idea: A bit of structure can go a long way in class discussions.

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English / Language Arts, fiction (Analysis), fictional narratives, discussions, character analysis, storytelling
  55 minutes
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