Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Making Meaning of a Complex Text Through Group Discussions - Section 3: Small Group And Whole Class Discussions


The small group and whole group discussions allowed me to support them in ways they needed the most. Listening in on their small group conversations gave me a glimpse of what they were confused with and thus what I needed to address during the whole group discussion. The small group discussions are also useful in providing opportunities for more students to engage in discussion. This is especially true of shy students who will likely not say one word during whole class discussions. The whole class discussion provided opportunities for me to reinforce certain approaches and strategies. It was a good time to remind them to keep in mind the relationship between text/author/audience. It was a good time for students to practice supporting their conclusions with textual evidence. It was a good time for students to agree and disagree with each other and explain their positions. Clearly, the best part is that it helped students gain understanding of a complex text like Ceremony. I confirmed the value of this when I asked students at the end of class if they appreciated these discussions. They overwhelmingly said that today’s discussions were extremely helpful. The only thing missing today was a written reflection. I plan on incorporating this in tomorrow’s lesson.

  The Value of Talking
  Discourse and Questioning: The Value of Talking
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Making Meaning of a Complex Text Through Group Discussions

Unit 4: Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWBAT collaborate to make meaning of the complex narrative of Ceremony by engaging in small-group and whole class discussions.

Big Idea: Students have to talk about what is confusing in a complex narrative in order to clarify meaning.

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English / Language Arts, fiction (Analysis), fictional narratives, Ceremony, discussions, character analysis, storytelling
  50 minutes
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