Reflection: Checks for Understanding Researching Sources to Support Blog Writing - Section 3: Independent Practice


It is easy to assume, in this day and age, where students have grown up with so much technology at their fingertips from a very early age, they know quite a bit about simple things such as conducting searches using search engines like Google and Bing. It is important for us to remember that they are still children and that they can certainly learn a thing or two about how to make their searches more effective. I highly recommend taking the time to talk this process through with students prior to doing independent, online research. Things to address include, but are not limited to:

  • What terms to search
  • Types of content to look for (news, scholarly articles, etc)
  • Determining reputability

I found myself traveling from one student to the next throughout this entire portion of the day's lesson simply addressing this because I made the mistake of assuming they already knew all about it. 

  It's Easy (And Harmful) To Assume
  Checks for Understanding: It's Easy (And Harmful) To Assume
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Researching Sources to Support Blog Writing

Unit 1: Argument Writing
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Objective: Students will use the internet to research information about steroid use, either among teens or in professional sports.

Big Idea: How Do Steroids Really Impact People? Research It!

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