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I officially hate the word "good" in math. My students used the word good to describe everything they saw. I see now that we will need to concentrate on the quality of feedback that they offer one another. Everything was good. The complete explanation was good. The brief answer was good. As part of the Reviewer Form students have to identify a positive that they read in the answer. The word good was used quite a bit. When I pointed it out and asked for other options, I thought I saw a tumbleweed roll by. We did talk about how to provide specific feedback, even if it is good handwriting that will make the response easier to read.

  I hate "good"!
  Trust and Respect: I hate "good"!
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Write It Wednesday Introduction II

Unit 1: Welcome to 7th Grade!
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Objective: SWBAT critique the work of a classmate and provide feedback to support answers.

Big Idea: Can you help make writing better?

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