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The first day of school is always a hectic rush, no matter how well I prepare in advance. When we come together on the second day, I still have the jitters, like I do every year since I started teaching. We went through the adjective introductions and that gave the students a time to shine if they remembered. I remembered almost all of the names and their adjectives. The autobiography quizzes ease some of the tension. We recapped my autobiography and I threw out questions about myself. I also asked questions. I recognized a couple of last names and asked if some current student were related to past students. That always breaks the ice and the tension.

  The Second Day Jitters
  Classroom Setup: The Second Day Jitters
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Second Day's Work

Unit 1: Welcome to 7th Grade!
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SW review the classroom handbook and learn more about the community in our classroom.

Big Idea: Students will get to know the classroom environment and how to succeed within that environment.

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