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During most independent reading times, students are on the look out for something or utilizing a skill we recently learned in class. So today’s exercise in looking for something specific wasn’t new. Their excitement about completing it, however, was. Sometimes I forget about the power of being ridiculous. No, really! Sometimes I take my job - and myself - way too seriously. In the hustle to get things done, I try to stay focused on the end goal and leave a little excitement out the of the process of getting there. I need to work on that this year.

I could have tied today’s lesson to many different analogies, but the treasure idea really paid off. It took a little selling on my part, to not only help students see text features as treasure, but also to buy into the act of “digging” for that treasure. But, my excitement in doing that selling really paid off in the end. Students were able to find several examples of features and used them while reading. No, I didn’t sit and ask them several questions to see if they did this. Instead, they were able to teach their partners about what they discovered, which is even better

  Building Excitement
  Joy: Building Excitement
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Hunting for Reading Treasure

Unit 6: Non-Fiction: Structures and Features
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Objective: SWBAT locate text features in their independent reading texts and share how one was helpful with their reading groups.

Big Idea: Over the past several weeks, students have learned about various text features. Today they will learn how these features serve as "reading treasure" and learn how to locate and utilize them in their own texts.

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