Reflection: Rigor Are You Afraid of Anything 4/4 - Section 2: Let's Read!


This is an important step for my ELL students.  They are sometimes shy and soft spoken, but they want to stand up and read.  Many have to have a lot of prompting.  It takes multiple opportunities for my students to gain the confidence and knowledge to do this on their own.  The repetitiveness of the Predictable Chart is powerful.  The more they see it, the more they say it, the better they remember it.  Using tools such as templates and the Predictable chart help me align my instruction to the CCSS.

  I can do it.
  Rigor: I can do it.
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Are You Afraid of Anything 4/4

Unit 1: Are You Afraid?
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: TSWBAT write an opinion paper and draw an accompanying illustration.

Big Idea: My favorite part of the story is my opinion.

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