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This lesson is the longest lesson of the unit.  But it is the most important lesson.  This is where the students have to take all the information from the past lessons and apply it.  We have the Beginning/Middle/End Template, the Pictures where they declared their favorite part of the story and then the Bubble Map of adjectives to use to compose our sentences.  Once the sentences are on the predictable chart, we are almost done.  I love it when a student thinks independently from the other students.  I seem to have at least one student a year that is like that.   It is never my highest student, just a student that has had different life experiences and sees things different from the others.  I praise them and eventually not everyone is choosing the same "favorite thing".  I think it is also difficult to think separately from others, especially in an ELL class.  The more opportunities my students have to organize their thoughts using templates and charts and move that information to writing, the more confident they will be to express themselves.

  Our Opinion
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Our Opinion
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Are You Afraid of Anything? 3/4

Unit 1: Are You Afraid?
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT compose their opinion sentences for the predictable chart.

Big Idea: Let's write about our favorite part of the story.

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