Reflection: Accountability Looking at the Nonfiction Side of Electricity - Section 2: Comprehending the Text and Answering Questions


I have had may conversations with other teachers about partner work and I have had many experiences with my own children with partner work- some good and some not so good.  Partners can be used in many ways in the classroom.  Partners can be used to provide support for learners, they can be used to help break tasks down into more manageable parts, they can be used for double checking work and a plethora of other ways.  Many teachers have said that they shy away from partner work because one person always does all the work and I've experienced this with my own children as well. 

I think an important key in partner work is to decide WHY the partners are needed and WHAT each partner's role is.  Accountability for both partners is only way to ensure that one person isn't doing all the work.  Deciding HOW to pair the students will be determined by the WHY they're being paired in the first place.  Anytime you group students in any configuration should be a well thought out process and not a random grouping UNLESS the random grouping doesn't involve academic work. Team building activities would be a good example of where random grouping would work well.  

  Reflection: Partner Work
  Accountability: Reflection: Partner Work
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Looking at the Nonfiction Side of Electricity

Unit 17: The Science of Reading: Paired Reading Selections
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT read a text and answer questions based on the text using specific text evidence to support their answers.

Big Idea: The ability to read and comprehend nonfiction text is an important life skill.

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