Reflection: Intervention and Extension Somebody Wanted The Gingerbread Bear, So... - Section 2: Procedure


If you want to differentiate the lesson or add a challenge to your higher level learners, you could have the children fill in their own graphic organizers.  I chose not to give each child their own organizer because I wanted to focus on making a class book that reflected what each child would do if they had caught the Gingerbread Bear themselves.

  Intervention and Extension: Adding to the lesson
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Somebody Wanted The Gingerbread Bear, So...

Unit 8: A Dozen Gingerbread Treats
Lesson 9 of 12

Objective: SWBAT fill in a graphic organizer to retell a story. Student Objective: I can retell a story by using the phrase, "Somebody wanted, but, so...".

Big Idea: Using a graphic organizer can help students retell a story.

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the gingerbread
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