Reflection: Station Rotation Unpacking A Metaphysical Conceit, Again - Section 2: Metaphor Carousel


Sometimes when I introduce a new teaching method or procedure into the classroom students react in funny and unexpected ways.  They don't do what I predicted they were going to do and then I have to reflect on what I should do differently so they can understand what I was trying to teach them: the lesson objective. 

The metaphor carousel is a good example of students understanding the process or procedure, but not understanding how to use the procedure with the materials I'd given them.  In this case, I saw th first time I had them move around the room that there were gaps between Main Comparison and Main Image. That would students really needed to do was think about which images in the poem were literal and which were figurative, that they needed also to think about the context of the poem and then think about the words and sounds and how the poet was going about saying what he was saying.  

Once I realized that, once I started asking different questions, students started responding a lot better. 

Also, it helped that there were eight students in the room who had tried the carousel exercise out before, and understood the expectation I had for their outcome. 

Finally, I realized that with complex texts, students need to read them through several times to understand them, and that it helps to go back to the same text or the same style of text and re-look at it.  This is a luxury I rarely have time for, and yet I know that I need to make the time especially with Metaphysical and Romantic Poetry. 


  Teaching a Lesson the Second Time
  Station Rotation: Teaching a Lesson the Second Time
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Unpacking A Metaphysical Conceit, Again

Unit 1: Metaphysical Poets
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT unpack a metaphor as part of ametaphysical conceit

Big Idea: Sometimes it is worth teaching a lesson a second time

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