Reflection: Advanced Students Subtracting Unlike Fractions - Section 5: Work It Out


Modeling and computing fractions can be tough for a lot of students, as the conceptual understanding of fractional units must now be more complex. This is why it is SO important for students to make the connection between the math and the model. As you move through this lesson, I'd suggest you conduct some quick formative assessments and frequent checks for understanding. The understanding of the relationships that create equivalent fractions must be solid before moving on to the next lesson. A solid foundation in the understanding of fractions is pivotal to all the other work students will do with fractions. You might want to extend this lesson and do it over two days.

I find making the connections from math to model is hard for most students. If they have only been taught the math it will take some work to help them make the connection. Being able to show math thinking in different forms is an exciting element of the Common Core and its Mathematical Practices. Showing your thinking also demonstrates the depth of understanding of the math concepts, so PLEASE do not over look this important piece of fraction work!

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Subtracting Unlike Fractions

Unit 2: Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: Students Will Be Able To add and subtract fractions by using common denominators and equivalent fractions.

Big Idea: Recognizing that in order to add fractions we need to have the same denominator. The denominator represents the WHOLE and the numerator represents the BITS/PIECES.

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