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This project was difficult for me.  I began thinking it was a pretty straightforward task for my students.  After all, they were wiz kids with arrays.  They could name, create, and find the area of arrays.  What was the big deal?

What I found, and was glad to have done so, was that being able to "do" math is different than "understanding and applying" math.  This performance task is aligned to the rigor of the standard, and required me and my students to dig deeper than "doing" to get to "applying".

Every day I realized a small hole in student understanding, and sometimes even in mine.  And as a result, we started along another path that added additional teaching and learning time. The end result was more than I had hoped for.  

My next set of lessons goes into the distributive property, using the algorithm a bit more. I feel the students are ready for work in division.  All in all, this project was just the right bridge from our multiplication work into division and its relationship to multiplication.

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Building a Dog Kennel Sharing Day

Unit 3: Using Multiplication to Find Area
Lesson 10 of 12

Objective: Students will be able to communicate their problem solving strategies, struggles, and respond to peer questioning about their project.

Big Idea: When closing after days of hard work, discussing and celebrating the product are critical parts of the curriculum.

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Math, spatial organization, area of rectangle, partition
  40 minutes
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