Reflection: Checks for Understanding Retelling a Story Helps Me to Understand - Section 4: Assessment


The children are still developing in their drawings skills, so I walked the children through the steps of drawing "Cookie".  This made for a good lesson on listening and following directions. This activity was an extension lesson that occurred later in the week.

Step 1: Write your name on the back of the paper.

2: With your black crayon draw a large circle for Cookie's head.

3. Draw two triangles for ears at the top of Cookie's head.

4. Draw an upside down triangle in the center of the big circle.

5. Starting at the bottom point of the triangle, draw the letter J and then draw a small u next to it.

6 Draw two medium sized circles for eyes and then draw two small green circle inside the medium circles.

7. Draw three straight lines out from each side of Cookie's nose.

8. Color Cookie's forehead black and you are done.

  Checks for Understanding: Retelling Reflection
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Retelling a Story Helps Me to Understand

Unit 12: Beginning Literacy
Lesson 8 of 16

Objective: SWBAT to retell events in a story by using pictures. Student Objective: I can read a story by retelling with pictures.

Big Idea: Retelling is a way for children to get meaning from a story.

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