Reflection: Shared Expectations Building Stamina--"What's that?" said the Boy in the Back. - Section 3: Assessment


I told the class that they were trying to break a kindergarten record of four minutes on the First Day of Stamina Building, and they rose to the occasion.  It is very difficult for the children to sit still at this age, so this activity is challenging.  By giving the children manageable goals, they feel so successful when they meet the challenge.  This activity is near the beginning of the year and it really pulls the class together to try to accomplish something as a group.

  Shared Expectations: Building Stamina
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Building Stamina--"What's that?" said the Boy in the Back.

Unit 12: Beginning Literacy
Lesson 7 of 16

Objective: SWBAT increase the amount of time that he can read independently. Student Objective: I can read by myself a little bit longer each day.

Big Idea: Through practice and application, children can develop into independent readers.

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