Reflection: Advanced Students Changing Views: Rewriting a Text - Section 3: Independent Practice: Rewriting to a Different Point of View


One thing I always love about formative assessment is the fact that when a kiddo "gets it", they don't have to keep showing they've "got it".  I was able with this concept to let a few students stray from what the rest of the class was doing.  For them and their perspective practice, we went beyond rewriting the text and rewrote the whole story!  These advanced learners rewrote the whole book from the MOM'S point of view.  

The reason I chose the mom for this activity was because she wasn't mentioned directly on any pages but we know WHO put Charlie in the time out chair, so I had students pretend they were her and rewrite the entire story from her point of view.  This is the point where I would like all of my kiddos to get to, but we have to meet them where they are and then move them forward, so, baby steps it is!!

  Reflection: Differentiation for the Advanced Student
  Advanced Students: Reflection: Differentiation for the Advanced Student
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Changing Views: Rewriting a Text

Unit 17: The Science of Reading: Paired Reading Selections
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT change the narration of a text to reflect that someone new is telling the story.

Big Idea: Understanding the impact of who is telling the story affects comprehension of a text.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Comprehension (Reading), Nonfiction (Reading), point of view, When Charlie McButton Lost Power
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