Reflection: Homework A Whole Lot of Relevance: Holes as Symbols in Maus - Section 3: Building Knowledge: Holes Homework Review


These students are all-stars at completing homework. Just don't look too close.  They fill the paper with words without verifying that these words actually answer the question or contain textual evidence.  When students know their work will be scrutinized by their peers, usually they put more effort into the quality of their work.

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  Homework: Using Homework in class
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A Whole Lot of Relevance: Holes as Symbols in Maus

Unit 3: Impact of History on Identity and Culture
Lesson 10 of 14

Objective: SWBAT participate in collaborative discussions by working in groups to analyze the use of holes as symbols in Maus.

Big Idea: Students will jump in and out of holes in search of symbolic relevance.

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