Reflection: High Quality Task Yee Haw! Addition - Section 1: Attention Grabber/Introduction


Sometimes, things just come to you.  I would love to say that I spent several hours on my Sunday afternoon planning this lesson, and while I spent Sunday planning lessons, this lesson here wasn’t actually what I had planned.  It was supposed to just be Domino Addition—pretty standard, but it’s standard because it’s great addition practice!  That was my plan.  At the end of lunch, I had my dominoes all picked out, I had the practice sheets ready to go, I was set.

And then my turkeys came in.  There’s a word, “restless,” that’s often applied to young learners, particularly those with plenty of energy, and well, “restless” was not the word for my turkeys as they walked in.  Two kids got bumped, one was kicked, another tattled about seeing a different kid get pushed—and that was as we entered the room!  I knew that sitting too long and talking about dominoes would not work today, so I thought fast.

Personally, my favorite part about addition with drawings, marks, or dots is that “altogether” circle, where the student circles all the objects to show they’re combined for a sum.  I really like that!  It’s just a good way to visualize the concept of combining groups.

I went into “pretend mode,” focusing on the little dots and the imaginations of the students.  I wanted to get us moving and whooping and having fun with math in a positive way as soon as possible.  (It was either that, or someone was going to get pinched, I feared.) 

I channeled our energy into something fun and positive.  I would love to say it always works when I “think on the fly,” but I would be lying.  I really like this idea, though, and I look forward to making a cowboy-themed mini addition unit for next year.  Necessity really is the mother of invention sometimes.

  Going with the flow... when the energy's gushing!
  High Quality Task: Going with the flow... when the energy's gushing!
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Yee Haw! Addition

Unit 2: Addition to 5
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT circle dots or drawings to represent addends & count them up to get a sum.

Big Idea: Got a rowdy class with lots of energy? Get them swinging imaginary lassos and yelling "Yee Haw!" as they practice adding!

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swirling our lassos
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