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Sometimes it helps to have some background, so you should know that this lesson is part one of a three-day activity. The primary activity of the first day’s lesson involves analyzing a "Where I'm From" poem. During class the second day, students work in small groups to create poems that deepen their understanding of characterization in the novel Maroo of the Winter Caves (1984) by Ann Turnbull. The third day of the activity is spent finishing the work started the previous day, if necessary, and presenting the finished products to the class. During these lessons I instruct students through guided practice and modeling.

Each year I look forward to teaching this set of lessons because the students always surprise me with their creativity. There are few things that make this really so successful: the diverse student population benefits from visuals; theyr are inspired by working in small groups; and no one feels left out because of the opportunities for peer modeling.

  Overview: Why write poems?
  Lesson Planning: Overview: Why write poems?
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Maroo of the Winter Caves: Poetry Connection

Unit 5: Maroo of the Winter Caves: Historical Fiction
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Objective: Read and discuss the “Where I’m From” poem. Draw inferences about the poem’s speaker based on evidence in the poem.

Big Idea: Find out just how much the speaker of this poem reveals about herself in just a few lines.

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